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Mississippi Court Records

The Mississippi Court Records website concisely explains the structure and organization of Mississippi’s court system. It identifies each type of court in the state and their jurisdictions. These details will help citizens of The Magnolia State know the courts to query when looking for certain court records.

The Mississippi Court Records website also helps the public find the records they need in other ways. Its search tools provide quick access to some court records while its informational guides explain how and where to obtain copies of those records. It provides open and complete access to these records in accordance with the provisions of the Mississippi Public Records Act.

Court records are not the only public records provided by the Mississippi Court Records website. Citizens can also find crime data, criminal justice records, and vital records for all 82 counties of Mississippi using the website. Note that search results and available records will vary from county to county. By offering citizens quick and ready access to public records, the Mississippi Court Records website contributes to making the state a fair and just society, a founding commitment of the United States of America.

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